Relationships in the Big Brother house (already)

June 2, 2013, 12:29 pm

Relationships in the house

My favorite aspect of the show is the interaction of the housemates, I enjoy watching how friendships come to exist, who likes who, what cliques are formed, how they break up, haters, back stabbers and gossip mongers. As much as it is a game, this people are not machines, feelings are bound to stir up and when it does, I get my popcorn ready because that is what makes Big Brother interesting. We watch the show for entertainment.

When Dillish entered the house, I was worried, she was so timid and I honestly thought this is going to be another Bruna case. Bruna was the first housemate to  be evicted from Big Brother Africa 1, it was so sad because she was so beautiful and I hoped to see her make the men go gaga, but honestly she was so boring, I am just glad this is not the case with Dillish. I have realized that Dillish is the “speak when spoken too” kind of girl, and definitely not boring. I mean day 3 in the house she is was enjoying a bubble bath with Tanzanian Nando and Day 7 she is lip locking with Zimbabwe's Hakeem. The 5 second kiss probably meant the world to Hakeem because brother man didn’t want to let go. Our girl is slowly adjusting to the environment, which is very smart because she doesn’t want to stand out by being too loud and stand out by being extremely boring. I enjoy watching her dance with her fellow housemates and she got moves. I see Dillish going far in the game.

Maria is almost if not the complete opposite of Dillish. Its not a bad or good thing, Maria speaks to everyone, she initiates conversations. Just the other day she was instigating Zambian Sulu's apparent anger. She found a BFF in the house, the 21 year old Nigerian Beverly. They seem to be getting along with well with Maria, I mean they share a bed. I am worried that she gets very comfortable with the people and starts being a threat to them, I am not ready to see her nominated for eviction anytime soon.

My Milli Vanilli replica Angelo already stepped on Sierra Leone's representative Bolts toes when he thought Bolt suggested they cook Pork corn for the ladies but Bolts jokingly said popcorn, and this lead into a mini bull fight about Bolt made to feel small in front of the other male housemates. By the looks of things the only thing cooking in this kitchen is BEEF. Hakeem locked lips not only with our Dillish but first with spontaneous Natasha and he did admit having a soft spot for her, “power to the thick girls” get the hottie Tash Tash, that is all I have to say.

Bolt and Betty didn’t take long to start cooking up their own romance with the public already referring them to beauty and the beast. There are in each other’s arms, they are kissing and they definitely share whispers under the blankets, eish. I feel their frustration of doing nothing but kiss under those shits. LK4 and Koketso did a very interesting sexual pose in the floor during the truth or dare game and briefly kissed, is this a beginning of a new relationship or its innocent fun? Only time will tell.

Gossip, what is big brother without gossip, Hater Huddah, Motamma and Betty discussed on who's penis they think is big by the look of the size of their hands and feet, this is the rating. Elikeem's – must be big, Hakeem's is very big says Huddah and Denzel, the three agreed with out a doubt that Denzel's is probably the biggest “and he also has big balls” says Betty. I don’t know if there is a theory on determining the size of his trunk but eish, this has got me shaking a lot of hands.

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