Nujoma calls for unity among party members

02 Jun 2013 08:50
OKAHANDJA, 02 JUN (NAMPA) - Founding President Dr Sam Nujoma has called on Swapo-Party leaders in the Okahandja District to work in unity of purpose.
Nujoma made this call while addressing the Okahandja District Swapo rally at the Nau-Aib Sports Stadium here on Saturday.
The rally was aimed at bringing people together after divisions among Swapo members ahead of and during the party?s congress held in November last year.
?We have observed, during the past years, how some of our party leaders here embarked upon political infighting. These negative tendencies are against the Constitution of the Swapo Party and its political programme,? he said.
?Equally, when you are divided, there is no way you will be able to provide quality services to our people in the town and the region as a whole. As we depart from this rally today, I would urge to see all of us work in unity of purpose and action,? he directed.
He applauded the party?s district co-ordinator, Valerie Ndakondja Aron, and the entire Okahandja District leadership for bringing party members together to share the successes and challenges facing the people of Okahandja.
Nujoma said Namibians must re-dedicate themselves to the ideals of national unity and patriotism, so they can defend their hard-won independence.
?Although the enemy was defeated politically, he has not given up. History has taught us how the enemy of peace, freedom and social progress have caused division, political instability and economic sabotage in some sisterly countries on the African continent and elsewhere in the world,? he noted.
The former president further called on the Okahandja Swapo leadership to work harder in mobilising the rank and file and the community at large so Swapo wins all Okahandja Local Authority seats.
Nujoma said all local authorities should ensure their towns are administered on sound business principles.
Meanwhile, he expressed happiness with the visible developments taking place in Okahandja.
?I am informed that the most pressing need of Okahandja town is housing, especially for those residents who live in informal areas such as Five Rand and other settlements. I am hopeful that the town council of Okahandja is busy working out a solution for this problem,? he said.
Nujoma then appealed to the local town council to forge links with strategic partners such as the Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) and other financial institutions, including the National Planning Commission (NPC) in order to harness development.