BBA Update - Of neat haircuts and leaked videos!

June 1, 2013, 10:17 am

Pokello's Leaked sex tape

Big Brother started off with admiration for the very good looking Housemates, the ladies are to die for and the men are steaming hot. The 28 contestants are divided into two houses, “the Diamond house” where our very own Dillish resides and “the Ruby house” where the spontaneous Maria resides. I believe Namibia is well represented by the two but I must say the house is filled with beautiful intelligent women. That leads me to the first housemate to be introduced, she got my attention with her catchy introduction with the chess piece “The Queen” and the neat haircut.

Yes Pokello!

I am sure we all admire this woman, I mean she is my definition of “love at first sight”. The moment you look at her, you automatically think, class, mystique, maturity. I fell in love with her the way I did Barbz  from Big Brother Stargame. Little did I know that I was in for a shock. That class dropped for me and a lot of the nasty picked up when I received Pokello's leaked sex tape. At first I was in denial because I couldn’t see her face well but towards the end she smiled and waved at the camera. My question is when was the sex tape leaked? Was it planned? Who leaked it and who is the man getting the ride of his life?

I did more research and according to Zim's entertainment and lifestyle hotspot, the very lucky man is Pokello's well-known boyfriend Desmond Chimede also known for his stage name as “Stunner”. He is a popular Zimbabwean “Urban Groover” (this is a genre created in Zim for all things young, RnB, hiphop, Rap, unlisted etc, they are just called urban grooves). He did not comment much on the sex tape but he did say in the interview with online newspaper Zimnews that he is worried about the impact of this with his girlfriend and that he has now learned to not trust anyone. I thinks its crap, if I make me a sex tape, I won’t trust anyone with it. Other than that he did apologise to anyone affected by the sex tape and wished it remained in the bedroom.

“It was a private affair between two adults” says Stunner.

Moving on... Pokello is peacefully In the house, I am thinking she doesn’t know what is going on out here, you probably don’t either, well here goes. After the news of the sex tape being leaked, some people got their hands on it and to mention the Facebook frenzy that went on. 4 days ago someone opened a Facebook page called “Bring Pornello Home”. Most of the comments are in Shona but what the page is trying to promote is for Pokello to be evicted from the Big Brother House. She is apparently “not fit to represent Zim in the house” and comments such as “she is a well known porn star” , “reasons why she is in the house its because of her connections” and other hating comments, I don’t see justifiable grounds of her eviction. It’s just a sex tape and the woman is not running for president.

Sex tapes, sex tapes get people worked up and puzzled, I still love Pokello, but in the “you nasty you” kinda way. I think her sex tape will haunt her in future but had it not been for that sex tape, most of you all probably wouldn’t know her by now. Just Saying!!

By Missy