NCCI boss to chair New Era and NamZim newspapers

01 Feb 2014 19:10pm
WINDHOEK, 01 FEB (NAMPA) – Cabinet has approved the appointment of Tarah Shaanika as the Chairperson of both the New Era Publication Corporation and NamZim Newspapers Limited.
Shaanika is the Chief Executive Officer of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI).
Cabinet took the decision at its 16th Ordinary Meeting which took place on 15 October 2013, according to a media statement issued by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology on Friday.
The statement said the Chairperson of the Boards of the New Era Publications Corporation and NamZim Newspapers, Ben Mulongeni, as well as a member of the NamZim Newspapers Board, Dina Gowases were relieved of duty due to “unbecoming behaviour”. The members of the Board of the New Era Publication Corporation have also been relieved of their duty because they allegedly failed to deliver and were “disconnected” from the management of New Era Publication Corporation.
Fernando Putjie Somaeb; Abed Iiyambo; Ipupa Kasheeta and Stephanie de Klerk have been considered suitable for appointment and re-appointment to serve as Board members for the New Era Publication Corporation.
The Board of Directors of NamZim Newspapers are Frana Kavari and Bernadette Menyah-Artivor (re-appointed).
The terms for Board members of the New Era Publication Corporation will expire on 30 November 2015, while the term of the NamZim Newspapers Board will end on 30 September this year.
The New Era newspaper was established in terms of the New Era Publication Corporation Act, 1992 and is managed by a Board of Directors, appointed in terms of section 5 (1) of the Act.
NamZim Newspapers Limited is a joint venture company between the Governments of Namibia and Zimbabwe. The Board members are appointed on a 50/50 basis by the governments of Namibia and Zimbabwe.