Security company owners abuse guards: Kandorozu

01 Feb 2014 11:50am
OSHAKATI, 01 FEB (NAMPA) – The acting Secretary-General of the National Security Guards Protection Union, Mekupi Kandorozu says his union is planning on suggesting that the Labour Ministry draft a regulatory framework for the local security guard industry.
Kandorozu said this during a media briefing held at Oshakati on Thursday, where he indicated that such a regulatory framework is needed to coordinate and regulate the security guard industry in Namibia.
He said the union is calling on Government to do something about the manner in which security guards are being ‘abused’ all over the country as they do not get medical aid, housing allowance or paid leave. He also indicated that they do not have conducive working environments and do not receive salary increments.
Kandorozu noted that the guards in addition do not have clear job descriptions.
“The security guards are doing all kinds of work. You will find them packing things in shops, off-loading boxes, crates and other things from trucks and lorries, washing cars and filling in forms, to name but a few,” he said.
He stressed that his union has decided to “take the bull by the horns” and is going to make sure that the lives of security guards in Namibia are improved.
“A nation cannot sit and watch people being misused by some security company owners. We know that some unions are not doing what they are supposed to do and that is really sad and unfortunate,” he said.
Kandorozu, a teacher by profession, registered his union with the Ministry of Trade and Industry in September last year after noticing how security guards are being mistreated in and around Oshakati.
He said the National Security Guards Protection Union is still to be registered with the Office of the Labour Commissioner. It has thus far registered over 60 members.