Kafula calls on residents to collect proof of residence

31 Jan 2014 15:50pm
WINDHOEK, 31 JAN (NAMPA) - Windhoek Mayor Agnes Kafula has called on people living in informal settlements who use prepaid water tags to approach the municipal customer care offices to collect their proof of residence which will enable them to register.
Namibians wishing to register for Local Authority elections are required to prove that they have resided in their respective Local Authority areas for 12 consecutive months by providing water and electricity bills or telephone accounts from their municipal, town, or village councils.
Speaking at the first Council meeting for 2014 in the capital on Thursday, Kafula called upon all Windhoek residents to register for the elections so that they can exercise their fundamental right to vote.
She urged residents who have already registered to serve as deponents for those who are not in possession of such documentation.
Deponents are registered voters from a particular local authority area who can swear under oath that they know the person who wants to register, but who is not in possession of the relevant proof of residence documents, and know that they have lived in the area for 12 consecutive months.
“We are cognisant of the fact that 2014 will go down in the history of our republic as a historic year. Namibians are expected to exercise their democratic rights in the upcoming general elections come November this year,” Kafula said.
The mayor explained that the elections are important instruments of government.
“I once again call upon our residents to register in big numbers. It is only through our participation in these elections that we will be able to define our destiny,” she stated.
The 2014 General Registration of Voters (GRV) started on 15 January and will run until 02 March 2014.