Mashare Councillor proposes closure of shebeens in the morning

30 Jan 2014 09:40am
MASHARE, 30 JAN (NAMPA)- The Mashare Constituency Councillor in the Kavango East region has proposed that shebeens selling traditional brews must voluntarily close their business during the morning hours.
This is in order to allow people to actively indulge in subsistence farming, Bonny Wakudumo said in an interview with Nampa on Thursday.
The councillor said he observed that most inhabitants in the two Kavango regions (East and West) wake up early in the morning, and go to shebeens to start drinking, disregarding their errands.
Wakudumo said this is of grave concern to him, as some inhabitants have become reluctant to concentrate on farming in order to grow food for themselves and their families.
Some subsistence farmers have thus become ‘early birds’ flocking to shebeens, and are the ones who knock at the doors of shebeen owners to remind them to open their businesses.
He thus pleaded with shebeen owners in the two regions to consider closing their traditional liquor businesses at least up until midday so that people could concentrate on productive activities.
“Shebeen owners should be directed by their own conscience to at least give people a chance to plough and make food for themselves,” advised the Mashare councillor, who is also the chairperson of the Kavango Regional Council’s Management Committee.
The two Kavango regions have been dubbed by recent research as the regions worst-affected by drought.