CEOs at local governments behaving like kings: Namoloh

30 Jan 2014 09:40am
OTJIWARONGO, 30 JAN (NAMPA) – Regional and local authority councils’ chief executive officers (CEOs) in the country were urged to stop behaving like kings at their workplaces on Wednesday.
Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development (RLGHRD) Minister Charles Namoloh repeatedly stated at a three-day annual planning workshop for his Ministry underway here that most of the CEOs he has known so far do not behave like public servants.
“They (CEOs) behave like kings at their offices, yet we appointed them as public servants to serve the local and regional councils,” he stressed.
Several regional and town councils’ CEOs as well as some senior government officials in the RLGHRD are in attendance.
Namoloh also reminded the regional and local authority councils’ chief executive officers of the very first days when they were interviewed for their positions.
“Do you remember the first day you were interviewed for that position? You were a very humble person, well-dressed and promised us that you will deliver quality services, but most of you act and behave like kings in your offices,” he charged.
Regional and town councils’ chief executive officers are appointed officials by their respective regional and local authority councillors.
Therefore, the minister expects them to report directly to and respect those who appointed them.
The minister further stated that the CEOs must co-operate fully with the appointing authorities, rather than going around boasting about their ‘qualifications’, which in most cases the local and regional councillors do not have.
Namoloh said town councillors who are also elected by community members into power must aim to deliver top-quality services by implementing lasting solutions to problems related to a lack of serviced townland and shortages of houses.
“But to me, it seems like there is no teamwork between the CEOs and their town councillors. They don’t talk to each other, and in most cases you will hear that a certain CEO is suspended,” the minister added.
He said teamwork is the way to go this year, adding that he does not want to hear of a CEO who will be suspended this year on allegations related to insubordination.
Before April this year, officials in his Ministry as well as those working for the regional and local authority councils countrywide are expected to sign some performance agreements to hold them accountable in case of incompetence.
“Those who will fail to deliver to the expected levels on mass housing programmes due to incompetence will be forced to ship out of their employment comfort zones,” he warned.
The minister further noted that there are some local authority councils claiming not to have funds to service townland for residential purposes, but more than N.dollars 1 billion meant for capital projects in his Ministry is still not utilised up to now.
If the money is not utilised for its intended purposes until 31 March 2014, it will be returned to the Ministry of Finance.
The three-day annual planning workshop for the ministry ends on Friday.