CoW servicing vast areas for residential erven

31 May 2013 07:40
WINDHOEK, 31 MAY (NAMPA) - The City of Windhoek will spend over N.dollars 200 million for the servicing of land in Otjomuise Extension 4, Otjomuise Extension 10 and Academia Extension One, under the Targeted Intervention Programme for Employment and Economic Growth (TIPEEG).
Speaking at the monthly City Council meeting here on Wednesday, Windhoek mayor Agnes Kafula said the City will avail over 1 000 erven in these areas through the ?Offer to Purchase? method to low and middle-income earners in the city.
The Offer to Purchase method is a new approach which is meant to ensure prices of erven remain affordable and are within the reach of the target market.
Kafula said a total of 203 erven have been created at Otjomuise Extension 4, of which 116 erven were already offered for purchase in May this year. The verification of those offers is currently being carried out.
She said the remaining 87 residential block erven will be available in the second phase as soon as the first phase of 116 erven is finalised.
Kafula said 1 192 erven will be created in Otjomuise Extension 10, and will be offered for purchase to low-income groups in August this year. Over 140 jobs have been created by the servicing of erven at that site.
The mayor added that a total of 495 erven will be created in Academia Extension One from June 2013, creating over 100 jobs in the servicing of those residential erven.
Kafula said the City has entered into public-private partnerships (PPP) for the servicing of land, and this method has been proven to be successful so far.
An assessment report of the PPPs will be submitted to the City Council soon to consider whether they are the best approach on the delivery of land, before such method could be rolled out to other areas of the city.
?We have come to learn that in the face of limited resources at council's disposal, PPPs are the preferable solution for unlocking urban development land and promoting employment,? she said.
Kafula said the City is looking forward to receiving additional Government transfers in the next financial year so that it can roll-out land-servicing projects in other areas of the city.
The mayor urged residents, especially those who are in dire need of housing and land for commercial development to remain patient, while calling on the City management staff to redouble their efforts for the delivery of land.
?We should thus revise our ways of handling applications for land. Let us address the current backlog, give priority to job-creating proposals and unlock economic development opportunities in this beautiful city of ours,? she said.
Government has provided N.dollars 310 million under TIPEEG for the serving of land in low-cost areas.