Smokey smokes Ru

November 12, 2012, 11:20 am

If you thought the D in PDK and Kabeli are the cats who got the game on smash, it’s about time you forwarded your apology to me, because the latest scoop is a contraction to that.
Smokey is the now, as word has it that he’s the man climbing on female rapper, Ru.
My connect close to Smokey says the two artists have been doing more than just music behind closed doors.
In vernacular, they are banging. First, Frieda, now Ru. Who’s next, Tequila? Now that makes me ask a nagging question; what happened to her relationship with Reyne Liswaniso? And the fact that he’s moved in with his girlfriend, Frieda?
Well, I’m not complaining, because game recognises game and Smokey looks familiar right now.
I come from a Big Pimpin’ School, so when a man reaches such a feat, he gets some recognition from me. Just imagine how many Dollar Sixes and Kavaxes are out there dying to dip into this chick? Just dip, you know, like omtwe aike. Well, the Whitie Laaitie has two female celebs to his name thus far and maybe a couple more to go...
Well, I shall sit back and wait to see who is next, my heart tells me it’s Pombili but my head says Tequila. To my homeboy, Reyne, trust me buddy, I also hope that this is some sort of a joke and that there is no truth to it. Deep down, though, I know all proof is evident.