No more corpse pile-up at crematorium

28 Jan 2014 18:00

City of Windhoek (CoW), whose 40-year-old crematorium services have been on and off for the past year, will have its corpse backlog under control as soon as it acquires its new cremator from Germany this May.

Although the cremations commenced yesterday for this year, CoW has been experiencing a cremation backlog at funeral parlours. Being the only crematorium in the country and how old it is, it has been experiencing breakdowns and has thus been able to only cremate an average of 30 bodies per month.

Corporate communications manager, Joshua Amukugo said today; “With the rate of cremations having picked up, any breakdown, however minor, leads to a backlog of cremations. This disrupts this form of service provision, which has emotional sentimental values to families who have lost their loved ones.”

According to CoW, the new cremator was procured last year from a supplier in Germany. Upon completion and installation, the old one will serve as backup and could further help alleviate cremation backlogs.

“It should therefore be noted that the current crematorium was out of service due to maintenance challenges as a result of the ageing facility, which is further compounded by replacement parts that have to be ordered from abroad, as most parts are not locally available,” Amukugo said.