Adora rides Maszanga boat

November 12, 2012, 11:15 am

Lilani ‘Adora’ Kisting will now be the new sensational addition to 777 Music Productions run by Arafat under which the likes of Maszanga are signed.
Adora was introduced to the music scene by Swartbaster in 2005 when he featured her on his first album.
She then went on to appear as a featured artist in a lot of other songs by Jericho, Djay, Kavax, Dixon, PDK, SunnyBoy, Nakale and Twazi but has never done her own songs.
She says Swartbaster is the one who helped her come up with her stage name, Adora, derived from the word adorable and adorable she has been.
Being signed under a label now means more hard work, which she is willing to put in so she can compete with the likes of Shishani and Lize Ehlers whom she says will be her biggest competition.
“With my experiences and musical background, I’d say Shishani and I have a common musical ear and we are both educated musicians. Lize, however, inspires me to be original,” she says.
Adora will be taking part in the Windhoek Jazz Festival this year, for the fourth time.
Although she has always performed with other artists at the jazz festival, she will be performing solo this time because she needs to familiarise her fans with songs from her upcoming album, as an officially independent artist. She says she will not be featuring the same artists she has worked with before, to create suspense.
Adora does not want to venture into a specific genre but will keep working on hip hop, R&B, jazz, gospel and Afro-pop.
Her album is expected to drop by the end of the year. She is also looking forward to competing in all the categories in the NAMAs 2013 once she has legitimately become independent.
She is not in it for the money or the fame but to leave an impression for other local musicians to imitate, she says.
Although she will not be a fourth member to the group, her fans can now look forward to seeing her more on stage with the energetic Maszanga for vivacious performances.