Lüderitz SMEs request support to expand

30 May 2013 11:40
LÜDERITZ, 30 MAY (NAMPA) - Some small and medium enterprises (SMEs) participating in the 6th Lüderitz Crayfish Festival underway here say they need more support from Government and the local authority for them to grow.
Eighty-five exhibitors, including SMEs, are participating in the festival, which kicked off on Thursday and ends on Saturday.
Speaking from their stalls at the Lüderitz Waterfront where the festival is taking place, they expressed need for proper spaces to sell their wares, because there is no Open Market in Lüderitz.
The unavailability of an Open Market in the town has forced some of them to conduct their businesses in front of their houses and in the streets.
?I wish I can have my own space somewhere in town, where I can sell my food because now I only sell at home where access to customers is limited,? said Tekla Werner while busy pouring traditional beer for a client.
Another Lüderitz resident, Velarie Madisa said she also needs space to sell her jewellery and other crafts, but most importantly, she needs sponsorship for material and equipment to make leather handbags.
?I have the talent and skill to make products with my own hands, but I struggle to grow my business as I do not have money for material and equipment. I also just sell from my home, therefore I request support so we can achieve our dreams,? said the aspiring businesswoman.
Madisa, who is participating in the festival for the first time, hopes to make money during the festival to buy more material and make more products to sell.
The entrepreneurs are also eyeing the Crayfish Trophy - awarded to the overall best exhibitor at the end of the festival on Saturday.
Others such as Maxwell Venganayi of ?Max the Leather Man? is unaware of the competition, saying: ?I have participated several times in this festival but I did not know there is a competition. So, I am waiting for a surprise and hope more people will come and support us,?
Venganayi sells handbags, wallets and sandals.
To winner is judged on among others products and service.
Approached for comment on the Open Market matter, Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Lüderitz Town Council Shali Akwaanyenga said there is money available to construct the market this year.
?The council has budgeted money and secured a plot in Benguela, where we will construct the Open Market, so they should be a little patient,? said Akwaanyenga.