Secure Khomas for all

November 12, 2012, 11:12 am

Patrick & Tate ButiOmalaeti artists Tate Buti and PDK, joined the Khomas Women and Men Network Against Crime.  Deputy general inspector in the Namibian Police Defence Force, Major General Vilio Hifindaka welcomed them  as ambassadors to  help campaign against crime in the country and even get more people involved in such networks.
“The artists are role models in their own rights; hence their involvement is a positive attribute as it will attract more citizens to take part in working closely with the police to safeguard their belongings. The Men and Women Network is a community effort done through volunteers who do not want to leave any place for criminals in the country,” Hifindaka told The Villager.
The Khomas Women and Men Network Against Crime initiative is meant to work in collaboration with the Namibian Police (Nampol), in combating crime in Khomas Region.
Similar networks already exist in various regions in the country such as, amongst others, the Oshana and Erongo regions. The deputy minister for Safety and Security, Erastus Uutoni on Saturday stressed that a peaceful county leads to more economic empowerment.
“You are the Namibian patriots who have joined hands to ensure that community policing and crime prevention programmes are well managed in Khomas Region, thus making the region the safest in the country,” he pointed out. He also called on all Namibians to fight violence against women and children, especially the increase of rape in the country.