Girls' hostel damaged by strong winds

27 Jan 2014 15:30pm
KAHENGE, 27 JAN (NAMPA) - Heavy rainfall and strong winds damaged the roof of one of the hostel blocks at the Kandjimi Murangi Secondary School in the Kavango West Region so badly on Sunday that the learners had to be evacuated.
This school is situated at the Nankudu village, some 120 kilometres west of Rundu.
The situation thus prompted the hostel management to move the 110 girls accommodated in the block damaged by the winds into the two other girls’ hostel blocks.
The incident occurred while the learners were inside the building, but fortunately nobody was injured.
Kandjimi Murangi Secondary School principal Albert Mutesi told Nampa on Monday that the situation whereby learners now have to share the other two blocks is not conducive as the hostel is overcrowded.
The block which was damaged will not be used until it is renovated.
“Learners are forced to share ablution facilities and beds, which is not conducive,” the principal noted.
Mutesi said most buildings at the school are already in a dilapidated condition as the school has not undergone any major renovations since its establishment in the early 1970s.
The only structure which has been renovated in recent times is the dining hall, but the principal alleged that this renovation was also poorly executed.
Most buildings at the school are thus in dire need of renovation as the learners and staff of the school are at risk of being injured.
Kandjimi Circuit Inspector Kosmos Katura was notified of the situation, and he promised to inform the Kavango Regional Education Directorate.
Some 450 male and female learners are accommodated in the Kandjimi Murangi Secondary School hostel.