Ondonga Traditional Authority Press Release

May 30, 2013, 11:32 am

Ondonga Traditional Authority hits out on Oshana Governor Kashuupulwa 

Ondonga Traditional Authority hereby wishes to inform the nation at large and more specifically, the citizens of Namibia and any interested party, who has followed the media recently about the proposed "establishment of Ondonga Region" which allegedly is spearheaded by Ondonga Traditional Authority has no inch of truth in it.
The Ondonga Traditional Authority is dismayed and surprised by these fabrications that the reporter attribute to have come from Oshana Regional Governor, Honorable Clemens Kashuupulwa.
Ondonga Traditional Authority is dismayed by the remarks attributed to the Governor as reported in the media where its alleged that Ondonga Traditional Authority under the leadership of His Majesty, Omukwaniilwa Immanuel Kauluma Elifas was planning to make a submission to the Delimitation Commission for the establishment of a new region with tribalism intention.
According to the report, the Governor stretched his imagination and baptised the new region as "Ondonga Region for Aandonga."
As a Governor Mr. Kashuupulwa should know that Ondonga is a home to the people of Namibia irrespective of race, language, sex and tribe. Ondonga is home to everyone and all are welcome.
The Kingdom of Ondonga and its Council of Traditional leaders strongly condemn such unfounded allegations of the formation of an imaginary tribalism oriented region with the contempt it deserves.
These remarks are not worth the paper they were written on and therefore must be thrown into the dustbin as another form of immature journalism and as words that come from a leader short on skills to unite his own people.
The Kingdom views these remarks as one of the Governor’s divide and rule tactics, which unfortunately have no room amongst the united, patriotic and peace-loving citizens of the Land of The Brave.
The Governor with such remarks of his wishful Tribalism Region has, unfortunately planted an ugly seed of tribalism, division and hatred among the Namibian people.  
Sadly  his remarks has found him new friendship in  Mr. Johannes Kandombo, who according to the media  supports him and a member of Parliament who jumped the wrong wagon in condemning the Ondonga Traditional Authority based on the Governor's wishful thinking that should be taken as one of his dry jokes.
It’s a shame that an MP blindly echoed the Governor's remarks abusing a national platform as reported in the media.
The blind follower tried to tarnish the good name of Omukwaniilwa Immanuel Kauluma Elifas as a proponent of tribalism by allegedly proposing the establishment of Ondonga Region.
Ondonga Region exists in the minds of those three prominent leaders, whom we believe are also in procession of the imaginary maps and boundaries of their imaginary Ondonga Region.
The Governor should learn to appreciate that the masses who are the subjects of Omukwaniilwa are free to visit the palace at any given time and that the he has an open door policy.
People all over Namibia have been and still can pay a visit to the king to have any discussion where the king can advise. It is the duty of the king to contribute and advise on any national debate.
The masses from all walks of lives have trust and confidence in relaying their concerns through Omukwaniilwa, for they believe in his leadership and wisdom.  The Traditional Authority has since made its submission to the Delimitation Commission with the proposed name of the late hero Peter Nanyemba, a gallant son of Namibia.
The Governor wants to employ divide and rule tactics by segregating people in tribal lines. He is fanning hate and despondency amongst the ever united and the respectful culture of the masses. His submission to the media was never the submission of Ondonga Traditional Authority.
 The Governor of the region was supposed to know that it is stipulated that every person or group is free to make a submission to the Delimitation Commission without fear.
His reaction is tantamount to intimidation and disruption that are meant to influence the Delimitation Commission that was entrusted by His Excellency, Hifikepunye Pohamba, President of the Republic of Namibia.
The Governor should understand that the African set-up still honours our kings and chiefs, and it’s a democratic right for everyone to approach any traditional leadership for any advice without any fear from any politician, weather compensated or not.
The Governor and his followers should be rightfully informed that His Majesty Omukwaniilwa Immanuel Kauluma Elifas made a submission to the Delimitation Commission on behalf of the people who raised their concerns to him as their traditional leader.
Common concerns from the masses were that some people on the peripheries of the Regions hardly receive quality government services and adequate resources. As customary, the inhabitants of Ondonga who are the subjects of the King spoke through Omukwaniilwa.
Traditional Authorities do have structures whereby people channel their problems through villages and cluster heads. It is on that basis that the people are equally dismayed that the Governor opted to communicate the issues of submission though the media without making any attempt to speak to Omukwaniilwa whose offices is in Ondangwa, Oshana Region.
The Governor employed intimidation tactics when he alleged that some of his Oshindonga speaking councilors were part of the discussion to establish a new region called Ondonga.  Honorable Governor, the King’s Council is not made up of politicians.
The Governor misled the nation and falsely accused the Ondonga Traditional Authority that it held ‘clandestine meetings’ to discuss the establishment of a new region for the submission to the Delimitation Commission.
That is far from the truth. All consultative meetings of Ondonga Traditional Authority with the subjects of the King to whom the people raised their concerns were held openly at village and cluster levels with community members who signed attendance registers.
The last consultative meeting with attendance of close to 1500 people was held at Ondonga Traditional Headquarters in Oshana region and the invitation was sent through the radio.
Thus, Mr. Kashuupulwa could have sent his representative to hear from the people themselves if he wanted to be truthful and objective with his remarks.
It can be perhaps said that it was the submission of Oshana region under his leadership that lacked consultation with the community of Oshana with whom Ondonga Traditional Authority and Oshana Regional Council share leadership.
The community including Ondonga Traditional Authority was never consulted nor courtesy was extended to it when Oshana Region made their submission to the Delimitation Commission in Oshana.
It can be evidently stated that Oshikoto Regional Council consulted Ondonga Traditional Authority as a stakeholder throughout with regards to their submission.
Oshikoto Region's submission which was independently compiled has arrived at the same conclusion as the community who has spoken through Omukwaniilwa with regards to lack of service delivery and Ondangwa as a town in particular.
For the record, Ondangwa has been turned into a ghost town under the watch of Governor Kashuupulwa.
He has been at the helm of the region well over eight years. However, his conduct lately explains why the community around some parts that are on the peripheries of Oshana hardly know or seen him as a Governor.
The content of Ondonga Traditional Authority submission to the Delimitation Commission is available for the public to read it and compare its content with the Governor's version as reported in the media.
The aim of Ondonga Traditional Authority submission is to facilitate the process of bringing the government services closer to the people and to ensure equal and equitable distribution of resources among the inhabitants of the region, which is in line with the Republic of Namibia’s decentralization initiatives and the enactment of Regional Council act, Act 22 of 1992.
The proposed new region is to be called Peter Nanyemba Region named after a combatant Peter Nanyemba who is a famous, brave, inspirational, visionary commander of the People Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN).
In conclusion, Ondonga Traditional Authority appeals to the Namibian nation and all peace loving compatriots not to be misinformed by the utterances of the Governor whose remarks of the establishment of Tribalism Ondonga Region are devoid of truth.
The Governor's remarks are in total contradiction with the submission of Ondonga Traditional Authority which is a public document.
It should be noted that Ondonga traditional Authority has submitted what the masses has proposed from day one of consultative meetings without being influenced by the Governor's intimidations and name calling of tribalism.
It is hoped that Mr. Kashuupulwa will realize as a leader that he owes His Majesty King of Ondonga, Omukwaniilwa Immanuel Kauluma Elifas, his Council and the nation at large an apology in order to restore renowned good working relations between Ondonga Traditional Authority in particular and the Council of Traditional Authorities in Namibia in general.
Source: Mr. Joseph Simaneka Asino
Secretary, Ondonga Traditional Authority