Ueitele calls on resettled farmers to use land productively

26 Jan 2014 16:00pm
GOBABIS, 21 JAN (NAMPA) – The Governor of the Omaheke Region, Festus Ueitele has urged those who have been resettled on Government farms to turn the farming units allocated to them into production hubs for food security.
Ueilete made the remarks on Tuesday when he handed over allotment letters to 13 new beneficiaries on recently-acquired Government resettlement farms in the Omaheke Region.
He said there is a need to improve production on such farms to assist Government in its drive towards food security for all Namibians.
The governor noted that farming unit beneficiaries on Government farms need to work closely with other resettled farmers to ensure that they have the greatest output out of their farming activities.
“I would like to advice and encourage resettled beneficiaries to work very productively to ensure that the farming units allocated are used sustainably for food production to sustain you and other Namibians through food security,” he urged.
The Omaheke governor, who by virtue of such position also serves as the Chairperson of the Land Reform Advisory Commission Resettlement Committee in the Omaheke Region, admitted that meeting demands for resettlement has been a challenge.
“I can testify to you that the implementation of the resettlement programme is not an easy task. There are growing demands for land by the Namibian people, while the supply of such land is somehow not forthcoming,” he said.
Ueitele stressed the need for new beneficiaries to abide by the rules governing their relocation, as disputes relating to the sharing of farming infrastructure shall not be tolerated.
The beneficiaries received their allotment letters confirming their resettlement on three government farms in the Omaheke Region.
They were chosen out of thousands of applications received for the same land during October 2013.
The farms are Farm Kaukurus No.79 in the Gobabis Consituency, Farm Goeiehoop No.491 and Farm Rosebank No.453 both in the Kalahari Constituency.