Voter registration yet to reach Vaalgras

26 Jan 2014 12:20pm
KLEIN VAALGRAS, 26 JAN (NAMPA) – Residents of Vaalgras in the //Karas Region are unclear over when voters’ registration will commence in their area.
The national General Voters’ Registration (GVR) started on 15 January 2014, and end on 02 March 2014.
Vaalgras Chief Joel Stephanus told Nampa at Klein Vaalgras on Saturday that registration officials from the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) have not reached their area yet.
“I am not sure when exactly they will come, but I understand they will come next month,” he said.
A resident of Groot Vaalgras told this agency that she will go to Klein Vaalgras to find out when and where she has to register.
The Vaalgras area comprises of the Koichas, Swartwater and Groot Vaalgras villages.
In response, the ECN’s //Karas regional coordinator for GVR, Augustinus Ucham told Nampa on enquiry Saturday that registration teams will be in Vaalgras on 01 February, as they have been registering voters in the Blouwes village.
Ucham said there are mobile teams assigned to such scattered villages, and the ECN will make sure everyone is given a chance to register and cast their votes in the Presidential and National Assembly elections in November this year.
“Depending on the population of the villages, the mobile teams are expected to stay in one village for about 10 days before they shift to another village. But we are making sure that before they move everyone in that village is registered,” he said.
Asked if there are places where registration has been completed, Ucham said so far, none of his teams have reported that registration at their venues has slowed down, to perhaps indicate that all the people in such places are registered.
“They will not finish now, it is still early. As you know, the first days of registration were very slow due to some technical problems. Even if all people appear to have been registered in a specific area, the fixed teams will not leave until 02 March,” he explained.