Omusati governor gives officials a tongue-lashing

26 Jan 2014 10:00am
OUTAPI, 26 JAN (NAMPA) – Omusati regional governor, Sophia Shaningwa on Friday lashed out at Government officials in her region, accusing them of sabotage.
Speaking during the official opening of the 2014 Omusati Regional Council (RC) operational year, Shaningwa singled out officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration as primary culprits of inefficient service delivery in the region.
She stated that many people in the Omusati Region have “no peace” because of unfriendly service delivery at the Home Affairs Department at Outapi.
Shaningwa charged that the department’s officials are frustrating the citizens of her region by denying them the right to obtain national documents.
They are allegedly deliberately referring to people in need of services at that office as Angolan nationals.
Such officials, Shaningwa believes, are pulling into a different direction from the regional aims and objectives.
According to her, people who speak OshiMbadja, OshiKwanyama and OluDhimba, are the target of unfriendly service delivery by Home Affairs and Immigration officials at Outapi.
She indicated that the victims are community members from the Omusati Region’s Okalongo, Etayi and Ruacana constituencies.
The governor reminded the officials that Omusati is not a region only for the OshiMbalantu, OshiNgandjera, OshiKwambi, OshiKolonkadhi and OshiKwaluudhi-speaking people as they deem.
“They (officials) must change their attitude for the betterment of service delivery,” the governor urged, adding that she wants them this year to pull up their socks and start cooperating.
If they do not change, Shaningwa threatened to organise a massive demonstration by the Omusati community in front of the Home Affairs’ Department at Outapi to demand explanation from its officials.
“That office must be treated as a public office and hence their attitude must change, as citizens of this country deserve fair treatment,” said Shaningwa.
The governor started the meeting with a roll-call of different government ministry representatives in the region, and those not present were from the ministries of Works and Transport; Agriculture, Water and Forestry; Finance; and Trade and Industry.
“These are the culprits letting the region down, failing us, and they are going to be dealt with,” Shaningwa fumed.