Mariental State Hospital caught fire

30 Sep 2019 18:40pm
REHOBOTH, 30 SEP (NAMPA) – A section of the Mariental State Hospital on Monday caught fire, causing extensive damage to its roof and causing the ceiling to collapse.

Simon Muhinda, Deputy Chief Inspector of the Hardap Regional Crime Investigations Unit in the Namibian Police Force, confirmed the incident to Nampa on Monday and said it happened between 06h00 and 07h00 on Monday morning.

“It is alleged that a worker of the hospital that reported for duty observed smoke on the rooftop of the hospital and reported the incident to the hospital authorities, upon which the fire brigade was called to extinguish the fire,” Muhinda said.

He said that an alleged electrical short-circuit caused the fire.

“At this stage there is no case of arson as the suspicion is there that it was caused by short-circuit of electricity. After the fire fighters extinguished the fire the ceilings collapsed as they were soaked by water, but no fatalities were reported,” Muhinda said.

Police investigations continue.