!Nami#Nûs teachers receive character transformation training

30 Sep 2019 11:10am
LÜDERITZ, 30 SEP (NAMPA) – Twelve teachers from schools in the !Nami#Nûs Constituency in the ||Kharas Region received character transformation training here at the southern coastal town over the weekend.
Officially opening the training on Saturday, councillor of the constituency Jan Scholtz said character education is designed to enhance the understanding, care, moral and ethical values in learners to develop into mannered, socially-behaved and non-bullying individuals.
He said society has been struck with the most worrying and horrifying bullet - which is leaving women and the girl child to live in constant fear and a never-ending nightmare with women dying at the hands of men who fail to control their emotions.
“This is a phenomenon we can only change through change of mindset. Therefore my heart overflows with joy knowing that through this training a better society will be constructed, a society where people are mentality equipped to contain their emotion and anger,” he said.
According to Sanet Vermeulen, the co-founder of Adonai Trust, the purpose of the training is to bring hope, ethical values and norms back to society, adding that a community without values is likely to fall apart.
“We focus more on training the primary and early childhood development teachers so that they can instil the values and norms into the little ones who in turn can go home and tell their fathers to respect their mothers and also become responsible citizens. By starting there with the children we can change the nation,” she said.
She added that many a times people always say the government or the education system must change but that the much-needed change starts with an individual.
A junior primary teacher at Helene van Rhijn Primary School, Alena Motinga said the training is an eye-opener for them as teachers as they are being equipped with the needed information to create a better future and environment for the little ones.
“We are working with the future leaders and it is important that we lay a foundation with the learners and for them to transform their character at an earlier stage in life,” she said.