Oshuushe community rejects Shailemo

29 Sep 2019 17:00pm
ONAKAMWANDI, 29 SEP (NAMPA) – A meeting between traditional councillor Kashona kaMalulu and villagers at Onakamwandi in the OTA’s Oshuushe district ended in a deadlock on Saturday.
KaMalulu was assigned as an envoy of Omukwaniilwa Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo of the Ondonga Traditional Authority (OTA) to introduce a local farmer and businessman, Ismael Shailemo, chairperson of a yet to be established committee aimed to normalise and deal with unlawful allocation of land in the district.
Discontent erupted among the villagers after kaMalulu alleged that some headmen are allocating land without following the right procedures while some poor people and orphans have the size of their crop fields reduced by the same headmen.
He said the district’s leader, Meekulu Secilia Namene is ageing and will no longer be able to execute her responsibilities throughout and as such, Nangolo appointed Shailemo to assist her in leading the district into the right direction.
The meeting, while in process, was caught by surprise when two men silently emerged from the gathering holding placards bearing the message, “We, the Oshuushe community, do not want to be headed by Ismael yaShailemo while our leaders are still alive”.
A group of villagers thereafter walked out of the meeting while singing protest songs and returned shortly after continuing with their protest.
“Don’t we have the right to elect a leader of our choice,” asked one of the protesters. However, kaMalulu told the meeting that the appointment of senior traditional leaders is an absolute prerogative of Omukwaniilwa (Nangolo).
The meeting ended with the parties agreeing that the matter be referred back to Nangolo for reconsideration.