MVA Fund warns public against crowding accident scenes

28 Sep 2019 12:40pm
WINDHOEK, 28 SEP (NAMPA) – The Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund has urged the public to refrain from unnecessarily surrounding crash scenes as it could lead to more injuries.
It also asked the public to refrain from looting at accident scenes, in a statement issued on Friday.
MVA Fund said looting of vehicles involved in accidents is risky and irresponsible behaviour that exposes members of the public to various calamities.
The statement explained that crowds of people surrounding accident scenes distort evidence on the scene and prevents emergency medical personnel accessing the scene.
“MVA Fund condemns inappropriate behaviour by the public on crash sites and calls on everyone to treat all crash scenes with the utmost sensitivity and to respect those who are injured or affected by such crashes. Instead of looting vehicles when you arrive at a crash scene, rather take a moment and analyse the scene and make rational safe decisions,” reads the statement.
If someone were to stop at the scene of an accident, they should do so at a safe distance from the scene and ensure that their hazard lights are turned on. They should also put a warning triangle at a fair distance from the scene to warn other motorists of the possible danger ahead as it will allow them enough time to slow down.
“Members of the public are further advised to observe the scene for possible hazards as hazards related to the crash scene could include fuel leaks which could cause a fire or explosion. If possible, switch off the ignition of the car involved in the crash, to further reduce the risk of a fire. Look out for oncoming traffic, dangerous animals or hostile bystanders as well,” MVA Fund cautioned.