Northern Cape teachers in Namibia to learn more about Khoekhoegowab lessons

27 Sep 2019 13:00pm
BERSEBA, 27 SEP (NAMPA) – Teachers from the Northern Cape in South Africa observed practical teaching lessons at the Kaitsi !Gubeb Combined School in Berseba in the ||Kharas Region on Thursday.
The four teachers were in Namibia on a learning excursion which started Tuesday and saw the teachers exploring the basics of the Khoekhoegowab language and observing how classes on the language are conducted.
The excursion was organised under a twinning agreement between the ||Kharas Regional Council and the Northern Cape Provincial Government on economic development opportunities, safety and security and improving education and cultural tolerance, which was signed in September 1999.
In an interview with the media, the twinning agreement coordinator from the Northern Cape, James Mapanka said the purpose of the visit was to expose the educators through off site training in Khoekhoegowab to help them become better educators in the language.
“They discussed translations and relevant documents and also observed how the lessons are taught. One part that stood out was the practical implementation of how to teach Nama,” he said.
Lionel Dawids, a Grade 0 and Grade 1 teacher at Riemvasmaak Roman Catholic Primary School, said the training was valuable and they will take what they have learned to their respective schools and implement it.
“What was outstanding was the fact that in Berseba the learners were being taught in Nama and they speak the language at home, but in the Northern Cape we have to teach in two languages - Nama and Afrikaans - because our learners do not speak the Nama language at home. They speak Afrikaans,” he said.
Another teacher, Gerba Piek who teaches Grade 0 and 1 at Johan Hein Primary School, said she will try her best to teach her learners what she picked up in Namibia.
“We ought to also encourage our community that side to speak the language at home and encourage the children to speak the language as that will allow the children to take it to school. We must learn to embrace the language,” said Piek.
The Northern Cape teachers also attended lessons in Keetmanshoop conducted by Franzina Vries, Senior Education Officer in the ||Kharas Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture.