PDM promises rescue of ailing Namibia

25 Sep 2019 19:40pm
WINDHOEK, 25 SEP (NAMPA) – The official opposition party, Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) in its ambitious 47-page strategy for a new Namibia, detailed how it will deal with issues plaguing Namibia.
Launching PDM’s election manifesto here on Wednesday, party leader McHenry Venaani said PDM intends to change the fortunes of Namibia should they win the Presidential and National Assembly elections slated for 27 November.
Venaani started by saying that it was time for Namibians to take ownership of their country and take charge of their destiny.
He said Namibia cannot be transformed by dancing at rallies but through deliberate intervention and capable leadership.
“Namibia cannot be transformed by showing political slogans. Namibia can only transform if we propel game-changing ideas that will change the socio-economic trajectory of our republic and lift our people out of abject poverty,” said Venaani.
Chief among the promises he made is to revolutionise the provision and accessibility of water to the Namibian citizenry and establish one factory for each of the 121 constituencies.
If the PDM has its way, its government will also modernise the agricultural sector to create more jobs for Namibians in that sector.
For this promise, 4 per cent of the gross domestic product will be channelled towards the agricultural sector, according to Venaani.
He mentioned that he was wary of the fact that he does not want to make promises that cannot be realised.
As such, if one of his key objectives - that of water provision to all Namibians is realised, half his work is done, “as the majority of the country’s problems are hinged on water availability”.
“You cannot industrialise and mechanise agriculture effectively if you cannot revolutionise water [provision]. PDM has an agenda to address water because our poverty [and] underdevelopment is hinged on our climatic conditions and the lack of water,” he said.
The party further promises to allocate land to landless Namibians, particularly in urban set-ups.
“All Namibians who earn N.dollars 4 000 or less will be given serviced land free of charge,” is one of the party’s promises.