Swapo-Party elects leadership for new Kavango constituencies

22 Jan 2014 10:00am
RUNDU, 22 JAN (NAMPA) - The Swapo-Party is gearing up for the Presidential and National Assembly election campaigns by setting up leadership structures in the five new constituencies of the Kavango regions.
The Kavango Region was split into the Kavango East and Kavango West Regions following recommendations by the Delimitation Commission last year.
The exercise also saw new constituencies created. These are the Ndonga Linena Constituency in the Kavango East Region and the Ncamagoro, Tondoro, Mankupi and Nkurenkuru Constituencies in the Kavango West Region.
Swapo is the first political party to establish its structures in the newly created constituencies.
The Swapo-Party administrator for the two Kavango regions, Konrad Sitarara told Nampa on Wednesday the party deemed it appropriate to establish structures so it can campaign “vigorously” for the elections taking place in November.
The party held primary elections to elect its leadership in constituencies, which are referred to as ‘districts’ at political level, between December last year and January this year.
In the Ncamagoro district, John Kahonzo was elected as the party’s coordinator, with Sirka Kapanga serving as mobiliser and Paulus Benjamin serving as treasurer.
In the Mankupi district, Niko Kamukwanyama is the coordinator, Saimi Kankono the mobiliser, and Elia Kaveto the treasurer.
In the Kavango East Region’s Ndonga Linena district, Maria Kanyetu has been appointed as the party’s coordinator, with Petrus Kavara as mobiliser and Andreas Kandjeke as treasurer.
Andreas Zoka is the coordinator for the Tondoro district, while Annastacia Hairwa and John Katewa are serving as mobiliser and treasurer respectively.
In the Nkurenkuru district the election results were nullified as there was no gender balance - only men were elected in all three top positions.
Another election is expected to be held in that district some time this week.