NDP launches 2019 election manifesto

23 Sep 2019 16:00pm
KATIMA MULILO, 23 SEP (NAMPA) – The National Democratic Party (NDP) launched its 2019 election manifesto in Katima Mulilo on Sunday, ahead of the Presidential and National Assembly elections slated for 27 November this year.
Launching the document, NDP president, Martin Lukato revealed that the party will not contest the presidential elections but only the National Assembly elections, due to the lack of resources.
“I appeal to Namibians to go cast your votes for NDP candidates in order to fight for the national development of Namibia. We call upon our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers to support us as we are your children ready to serve your interests,” he said.
In its manifesto, the party promised to promote crop diversification and support livestock control as well as advocate for free provision of seeds and irrigation systems to communal farmers in order to ensure food production throughout the year.
The party also plans to establish more agricultural colleges.
“NDP will setup an agricultural development assistance fund commission to assist farmers and all citizens who want to engage in commercial and communal farming,” he said, noting that the fund will provide resources for cultivating land and financial equipment.
Once elected into power, the NDP, he continued saying will root out corruption through the establishment of an independent anti-corruption commission which will carry out its duties without interference.
At the launch, the party also announced its candidates for the National Assembly elections.