PDM-UPM Coalition meeting held in Rehoboth

23 Sep 2019 11:50am
REHOBOTH, 23 SEP (NAMPA) – The Popular Democratic Movement - United People’s Movement (PDM/UPM) coalition on Sunday held its inaugural meeting at Rehoboth.
The two parties signed a coalition agreement on 28 August 2019, saying their parties have common goals of representing the philosophy and interests of the masses, while at the same time bringing unity to politics with an accord to support PDM President McHenry Venaani at the National Assembly and Presidential Elections slated for November.
As part of the agreement, UPM and PDM will continue to exist as separate entities but under one umbrella to be called UPM-PDM Coalition.
The two parties' presidents, Venaani and Piet Junius, were among the people who attended the meeting along with UPM Vice President, Jan Van Wyk and PDM’s Chief Whip, Jennifer van den Heever.
Speaking at the meeting, Junius, said the time for Namibian opposition parties to form one force against the political might of Swapo is now.
He said theft has become the norm at Government institutions, indicating waning health and education sectors, high unemployment and poverty levels.
“It is meaningless to have multiple political formations that are all fighting for the same issues and have a common enemy. We fought against apartheid from South Africa, yet we are treated as outsiders by our own people. That is one of the reasons to come together to form a coalition and we believe the voters out there will see it as such,” Junius said.
Venaani, speaking at the same occasion, said for the past 29 years, people have sold their souls for a ‘plate of soup’ that has not landed in their hands yet.
“You have been lied to for the past 29 years to better your living standards, but nothing has changed. It is time to change the landscape in Namibia for a better future. Your needs are not important to those in power compared to their own needs,” Venaani said.
He mentioned that more money is pumped into the army instead of housing for the homeless, more money used to buy arms than on providing sanitation to the people.
“The least important things are getting more attention and the more important are ignored. I therefore call on you to make the right decision come elections and vote for change,” Venaani concluded.