Second national clean-up campaign held at Rundu

22 Sep 2019 11:00am
RUNDU, 22 SEP (NAMPA) – The Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism (MET), Bernadette Jagger on Saturday launched the national cleaning campaign at Rundu.
Speaking at the event held at the Rundu Stadium, Jagger said the national cleaning campaign is an initiative that was started by President Hage Geingob in 2018, leading to the first annual national clean-up campaign held in Windhoek last year.
“Just as last year, today we are coming together as Namibians from all spheres of life and in all regions to unite under one common goal, that is to make Namibia clean,” she said.
“Rundu is a vibrant economic town and a tourist centre - hence it needs to be kept clean as it will help attract businesses and tourists to the region and lead to the improved quality of life of the town’s residents,” the deputy minister said.
The cleaning campaign is coordinated by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and held under the theme ‘Namibia, Healthy and Clean’.
Jagger urged all regional councils and local authority councils to continue with regular clean-up activities.
“Let this not be a once-off activity. Local authorities in other countries have earmarked the last Saturday every month to do their cleaning. I think we can copy from them,” she stressed.
She called on Namibians to be innovative and adopt regular clean-up activities.
The bulk of the waste generated in the country ends up in illegal dumpsites which is a serious concern to human life, and MET is committed to enhancing education and awareness regarding proper waste management and control, Jagger said.
“However each of us has a role to play in changing our attitudes and mindsets towards the littering of our environment,” she highlighted.