SADC electoral officials hold consultative meeting with Namibian journalists

19 Sep 2019 15:30pm
WINDHOEK, 19 SEP (NAMPA) – A team of three officials from the Southern African Development Community Electoral Advisory Council (SEAC) held a consultative meeting with Namibian journalists about elections here on Thursday.
The SEAC team is in the country prior to the seventh Presidential and National Assembly elections slated for 27 November this year.
SEAC Chairperson, Mpho Molomo told the members of the media his team arrived in Namibia, being a constituted body which advises the Ministerial Committee of the Organ on matters of democracy and elections.
“We are here to assess the level of readiness of Namibia to hold elections. We think it is important to consult you since you are one of the important stakeholders to engage on this topic, including the Electoral Commission of Namibia, the Namibian Police, and others,” Molomo said.
The meeting which was attended by various media houses including the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, New Era, The Namibian newspaper and One Africa TV, amongst others discussed several issues pertaining to elections in Namibia.
This included the objectiveness of media reporting, fairness and compliance to media ethics with specific emphasis on elections.
Amongst other raised points were media freedom, the presence of military personnel during elections, especially the ongoing Operation Kalahari Desert, social media and citizen journalism.
Electronic Voting Machines were also among the items discussed.
Furthermore, the meeting touched on the question of media houses being aligned to certain political parties.
Speaking to Nampa on the sidelines, Molomo said when the media operate in a free environment and fairly, it enriches democracy and encourages accountability among citizens, political parties and all stakeholders.
He concluded that his team looks forward to free and fair elections in Namibia later this year.
The team is in the country until Sunday in order to engage other stakeholders on election issues.
SEAC will deploy its team to Namibia from 13 November until 04 December 2019 as election observers.