Suspended Nanso leaders resign

18 Sep 2019 19:10pm
WINDHOEK, 18 SEP (NAMPA) – Four suspended Namibia National Students Organisation (Nanso) leaders officially resigned from the organisation on Tuesday.
Bernhard Kavau, who served as vice president, Tyson Hihanguapo as spokesperson, Simon Amunime as chairperson and Epaphras Ngolo as the Khomas Region secretary relinquished their positions from the organisation during a media conference here, where Kavau said they were suspended on charges of insubordination and bringing the organisation’s name into disrepute, pending disciplinary hearings.
He said their suspension followed a General Student Congress held in Ongwediva on 16 July this year, which the organisation’s secretary general, Simon Taapopi, deemed illegal.
“It’s public knowledge and an open secret that our purported suspension was politically motivated, because of our involvement in leading the student national demonstration against the 12 000 students dumped by NSFAF,” he said.
He added that the disciplinary hearing which was scheduled to take place on 07 August didn’t materialise due to a lack of evidence and illegitimacy.
“Ester Simon [Nanso president] appointed the chairperson of the disciplinary hearing to communicate to us through our legal representative that due to circumstances beyond her control, the hearing could not proceed only for reasons known to them. The hearing was then postponed to an unspecified date,” Kavau stated.
Kavau further said that remaining in the organisation would mean he is siding with the “politicians” involved in the organisation.
On his part, former spokesperson Hihanguapo said his relationship with Nanso has ended, noting that he cannot continue to witness the organisation reduced into a singing choir of politicians and a propaganda machine against Namibian students.
Meanwhile in a media engagement on Wednesday, Taapopi said the members who resigned have on many occasions tried to capture the organisation, adding that there was a legal and democratic process through which they were suspended.
“There was a constitutional process through which these colleagues were suspended. They wrote us legal letters and our lawyers responded to these letters that they are unconstitutional,” said Taapopi.
He added that the organisation welcomed their resignations.
“We remain unshaken and do want to wish the comrades well on their future endeavours,” he said.
Commenting on the matter, Nanso president Simon said the former leadership members have on several occasions demonstrated a lack of accountability.
The organisation’s former vice chairperson, Shoki Kandjimi resigned on 12 September 2019.