Khorixas Home Affairs office closed

18 Sep 2019 18:50pm
KHORIXAS, 18 SEP (NAMPA) – The Home Affairs and Immigration offices at Khorixas has been closed since Monday and will remain closed until Friday, forcing residents to drive to the nearest offices in Outjo about 130 kilometres away for services.
Community members are affected by the unannounced closure of the office as some needed documents such as death certificates cannot be issued.
“I am so disappointed. I have been walking up and down to the office ever since Monday, only to find out today (Wednesday) that the office will be closed for the whole week. I now have to travel to Outjo or Otjiwarongo just to get the death certificate of my uncle. I have to pay N.dollars 300 to go to the nearest office in Outjo,” said Maria Uugulu.
She expressed frustration over the lack of communication to the community on the matter, with regard to how long the offices will be closed and why it is closed.
Another resident, Magreth Nuas who came for a full-birth certificate said that although the office might have been closed for a good reason, there was a need to communicate with the residents through channels such as the radio.
“I am sure it is closed for a reason but communication is an important tool. The person in the ministry knows that there are many people that come for services such as death and full birth certificates on a daily basis. It is unacceptable that the office has been closed without a word to the public,” she said.
Upon inquiry, Nampa learnt that the office would be closed until Friday as there is only one administration officer based at the office - who is currently attending a workshop at Khorixas.
When contacted for comment, Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, Sakeus Kadhikwa said: “I will follow it up. Please put all your questions in writing because what you are asking me needs to be followed up. Just put your questions in writing and I will respond accordingly,” he said.
The Home Affairs Ministry local office is based in the Khorixas Town Council office building.