Students from Kwanza-Sul visit Namibia

14 Sep 2019 10:40am
WINDHOEK, 14 SEP (NAMPA) – Sixteen young people from neighbouring Angola are in Namibia on a four-day visit to exchange experiences with Namibians born in the neighbouring country during the liberation struggle.
The group that comprises youth from Kwanza-Sul Polytechnic Institute in Angola, paid a courtesy visit to the Swapo Party headquarters here on Thursday, where they discussed youth issues with members of the Children of the Liberation Struggle (CLS).
The coordinator of the delegation, Anibal Frangueira said the students are looking forward to the excellent historical relationship, which dates back to the liberation struggle, continuing for years to come for the benefit of the two countries’ future generations.
“We are hoping to see the children of the liberation struggle who were born in Kwanza-Sul, so that the relationship of the youth from both Namibia and Angola can stay strong,” said Fragueira.
In her welcoming remarks, CLS Chairperson Lizazi Namasiku said the two countries have an excellent historical relationship dating back to the liberation struggle, of which the children of the liberation struggle are the products.
“It is imperative that we keep working together as youth in order to contribute to the respective economies of our countries as they continue to cooperate in various fields,” Namasiku stated.
The group, which arrived on Thursday, leaves Namibia on Sunday.