Accident at Dundee smelter injures two employees

11 Sep 2019 14:00pm
OTJIWARONGO, 11 SEP (NAMPA) – An accident that erupted at the Dundee Precious Metals mine in Tsumeb in the Oshikoto Region on 03 September this year, is reported to have caused injuries to two company employees.
A media statement that was issued to Nampa on Tuesday by Dundee Precious Metals’ Communications Manager, Alina Garises, said the accident occurred at the mine’s furnace.
“The incident occurred at the Ausmelt furnace plant during a restart after a routine maintenance,” said the statement.
It further stated that the Ausmelt furnace plant is Dundee’s primary smelting vessel, which is part of the smelting processes.
“Regrettably, injuries were sustained by two employees, both of whom are receiving appropriate care,” the statement noted without stating the degree of injuries sustained by the employees.
Numerous attempts to get the ages or gender of the two affected workers from Garises on Tuesday and Wednesday failed, after she simply refused to divulge such details.
Namibia Dundee Precious Metals Managing Director, Zebra Kasete on his part on Tuesday said the company is busy and committed to provide support to the injured employees and their families.
“The cause of this incident and the extent of damage are both being investigated,” Kasete said.
The statement by the company indicated that Dundee at Tsumeb treats complex blister copper and sulphuric acid, which are all products of the smelter at the mine.
The statement noted that the sulphuric acid produced is a critical component of the mining industry in the world, particularly for uranium and copper production businesses.
“Thus, the smelter can take a by-product of copper and turn it into something of value for Namibia,” the statement said.
The same statement finally said that the Tsumeb smelter was constructed in the early 1960s to process concentrate from the Tsumeb copper mine and other mines in the country.