Political parties speak out on rape and femicide

08 Sep 2019 11:40am
WINDHOEK, 05 SEP (NAMPA) – Local political parties have called for action amidst the high rape and femicide statistics which have become a common feature in weekly crime statistics recorded by the Namibian Police Force (NamPol).
Between July and August, NamPol recorded 57 rape cases, 26 of them involving minors. Over the past week, a number of women allegedly also died at the hands of their partners.
These included 30-year-old Lucillia Quimbra, who was reportedly killed in front of her children on Saturday, and a 36-year-old woman whose throat was slit by her partner in Walvis Bay.
In an interview with Nampa on Wednesday, National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) president Utjiua Muinjangue said society needs to take a multidisciplinary approach in combating this societal ill.
“The education system lacks subjects that address morals and principles that advocate against these issues,” she said.
Muinjangue further pointed out that the effectiveness of the rehabilitation of those convicted for these crimes should be revisited, especially when these criminals are released and recommit the same offences.
Concurring, Landless People’s Movement deputy leader Henny Seibeb said these crimes indicate that there is a need to reintroduce moral and ethical subjects in the Namibian education system as the country is feeling the consequences of the lack thereof.
He further said there is a need to address social inequality, as well as understand what it means to the women and girls of Namibia.
“We have free condoms but not free sanitary pads and tampons for girls and women, as well as access to contraceptives and all these are the inequalities of society,” Seibeb said.
Also speaking on the matter was All People’s Party vice president Reinhold Nauyoma, who said the spike could also be a result of the frustration of poverty and unemployment in Namibia, which leave people desperate and willing to “do the wrong things”.
He added that tradition further contributes to the injustices against women as it declares men as superior and says no other should be above him in his household.
Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) president Mike Kavekotora said these injustices are symptoms of a society which is experiencing economic hardship, lack of societal values and proper parenting. He also blamed a reluctance by law enforcement agencies to act.
“The police, (who are) also facing economic difficulties, are reluctant to enforce the law, they allow certain things to happen and the system to relax. People who are hell bent to commit crime have an opportunity to do so,” Kavekotora added.
He also said societal and parental values should be brought back.