Kandorozu wants Otjozondjupa settlements upgraded to village councils

07 Sep 2019 20:40pm
OTJIWARONGO, 07 SEP (NAMPA) – The constituency councillor of Okakarara on Thursday tabled a motion to the Otjozondjupa Regional Council demanding the upgrading of three settlements to become village councils.
Vetaruhe Kandorozu at a regional council meeting at Otjiwarongo argued that the Kalkfeld, Okamatapati and Tsumkwe settlements have enough economic potential to sustain themselves once they are village councils.
The Otjozondjupa Regional Council seven settlements are Tsumkwe, Okatjoruu, Coblenz, Okamatapati, Okondjatu, Kalkfeld and Okandjira.
“As a region we have only experienced a downgrading of settlements, but no upgrading of any of our settlements meeting the standards,” Kandorozu said.
The councillor said it is against this background he would like to see Kalkfeld, Tsumkwe and Okamatapati promoted as according to him, they meet standards set out by Government on the proclamation of local authorities.
He said Okamatapati should be proclaimed because it has 168 individual and Government houses, 14 different types of businesses, five Government offices and a population over 2 000 that can afford rates and taxes.
Kalkfeld settlement was in 1991 a village council, and later in 1996 downgraded to a settlement due to a lack of economic growth.
Kandorozu said he wants to see Kalkfeld regain its village status based on the size of the population of more than 3 000.
“The settlement also has a total of 425 informal and formal individual standing houses, six businesses and five Government institutions which will contribute towards the rates and taxes,” he said.
On Tsumkwe, Kandorozu said the settlement should be elevated to a village council for that organ to speed up development there.
He said Tsumkwe with 42 Government houses, 42 Build Together, 63 privately and socially-owned houses and 104 businesses qualifies to be a village council.
Otjozondjupa Regional Council Senior Public Relations Officer, Cornelia Shikongo in an interview with Nampa on Friday said Kandorozu’s tabled motion is receiving attention.
She said the regional council will establish a team of administrators to determine whether the motion can be submitted further to the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development for consideration.
The team of administrators will also conduct investigations on the economic abilities of these proposed areas,” said Shikongo, adding that it is usually on the economic abilities where the ministry would like details before any upgrading of a local authority.