Opposition, media, civil society try to counter Swapo’s domination: Geingob

07 Sep 2019 17:40pm
WINDHOEK, 07 SEP (NAMPA) – President Hage Geingob said the opposition, the media and civil society try and counter Swapo’s domination in the name of accountability.
“Democracy should have a very strong opposition to keep the ruling party accountable but oppositions come and go. Then they said you need a strong press to hold the government accountable but the press is trying their best to get Swapo down. When the press failed, they moved to civil society but who elects us, civil society,” Geingob said.
The president made these remarks at the official opening of the ruling Swapo Party’s electoral college, known as the ‘pot’, here on Saturday.
Geingob then said that there is another dangerous trend where courts are now becoming battlegrounds for politics.
“A dangerous trend is starting in our democratic culture where the courts are brought into politics.”
Geingob went on to say that he hopes that the judiciary will not be brought down to the political sphere level where “we forget to respect their independence and therefore, accept their ruling”.
He said Namibian courts should be aloof to political affairs but it is disheartening to see Swapo members using the courts as arenas for political disputes.
Geingob rather advised members to try and resolve their issues within the party.
The president further called on his party members to unite as a way forward and with the upcoming national elections in mind.
“We are now called upon to display unity as unity is the essential principle that guarantees a legacy of victory, success and progress while charting a new, defining path towards economic independence,” he said.
Two Swapo members have approached the High Court to declare the 6th Swapo Party congress held in 2017 null and void.
More than 200 Swapo members are convening in Windhoek this weekend to elect the 96 members who will qualify for National Assembly seats, ahead of the country’s elections on 27 November.