Operation Kalahari Desert victim’s family says Government should bury him

07 Sep 2019 13:20pm
WINDHOEK, 07 SEP (NAMPA) – The sister of Benisius Kalola, who was fatally shot during an Operation Kalahari Desert exercise, said she is disappointed in the government and called on them to take responsibility for the death of her brother.
Kalola, 32, was allegedly shot dead by a soldier on patrol at Single Quarters in Windhoek on Thursday.
During a visit to the family on Friday, Helena Kalola said her brother was the breadwinner in the family by selling kapana and they were not in a position to arrange a funeral.
“We are looking to the government, they were the ones who sent their people to come and kill him, they must come and take the responsibility by helping us bury our brother,” the bereaved youngest sister said.
Kalola recalled that this was the second time her brother was faced by Operation Kalahari Desert.
“The first time they found him outside, asked him why he was wearing earrings and where his husband is. They exchanged words then beat him up and he ran into his room where he locked himself in,” she said.
Political representatives of the opposition Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) and Swanu of Namibia, who visited the family of the deceased, called on the government to address the second fatal shooting under the hands of Operation Kalahari Desert.
Similarly, in a letter seen by Nampa on Friday addressed to the Office of the Prosecutor General, the People’s Litigation Centre lodged a complaint against the Namibian security forces for crimes against humanity, in terms of Rome Statute Article 7.
“Due to the widespread reported incidents of crimes against civilians (including extrajudicial killings) by the Namibian security forces, in execution of Operation Kalahari Desert and its predecessor Operation Hornkranz, the People’s Litigation Centre is lodging a complaint,” the letter reads.
Meanwhile, the Namibian Police in a statement issued on Friday said the loss of life is regretted, however, it firmly believes that the process of law will follow its necessary course.
The police dismissed claims that the deceased had no crime records.
“The deceased had two outstanding criminal cases being robbery with aggravating circumstances and armed robbery, respectively,” it said.
The suspect, a Namibian Defence Force member for Operation Kalahari Desert, was arrested and is expected to appear in the Katutura Magistrate’s Court on Monday.