Most Swapo ‘pot’ delegates registered: Samupwa

06 Sep 2019 20:50pm
WINDHOEK, 06 SEP (NAMPA) – Preparations for the Swapo Party electoral college - known as the ‘pot’ - are going smoothly and 98 per cent of the delegates had already been registered by early Friday evening, the party’s executive director Austin Samupwa said.
In an interview with Nampa during the agency’s visit to a local hotel in Windhoek where the intraparty elections are taking place, he said they were “on course and very happy”.
“The delegates have arrived and some are still coming. I can say with confidence that at least 98 per cent of the delegates have been registered,” Samupwa said.
The agency also interacted with some delegates and candidates contesting the 96 slots on Swapo’s National Assembly list.
Frans Kapofi, the Home Affairs and Immigration Minister, indicated that the general mood among those participating in the exercise was good.
Although optimistic about making it to the list, Kapofi said he could not predict the outcome of the electoral college.
“The feeling is good. Those who make it through make it and those who don’t make it, life goes on. There are no losers or winners in Swapo. Swapo is the winner,” Kapofi said.
Local lawyer Sisa Namandje is the chief election returning officer.
In a communique addressed to party Secretary-General Sophia Shaningwa on Thursday, Namandje addressed potential factionalism at the college.
“I wish to (in advance) inform the secretary-general that one of the enforceable rules at the electoral college will be that no circulation or possession of divisive or factional lists of preferred candidates will be allowed by the chief electoral officer of the Swapo Party electoral college,” Namandje said.
On factionalism, Kapofi had this to say: “Lists of preferred candidates are making rounds here. These lists are very divisive and we condemn them. They set people up against each other. In some instances, these lists are imposing candidates on delegates while some of those on the lists might also be victimised. Let’s stop the lists and allow the delegates to show who their preferred candidates are in the voting booth.”
Another delegate Nampa caught up with was Deputy Environment Minister, Bernadette Jagger.
“I am very excited and I expect us [candidates from Kunene] to do very well. I expect us as Swapo members to go into this college as a united force. Whether people make it or not, we must emerge as a team and go out to conquer the national elections,” she said.
More than 200 Swapo members are convening in Windhoek this weekend to elect the 96 members who will qualify for National Assembly seats, ahead of November’s national elections.
Namibia is set to hold the Presidential and National Assembly elections on 27 November.