Oshana finalises Electoral College delegates election

06 Sep 2019 10:00am
OSHAKATI, 06 SEP (NAMPA) – The Chief Executive Officer of Oshakati, Werner Iita, and member of the Oshakati Town Council, Katrina Shimbulu, were on Thursday elected as the Oshana Region’s candidates for the Swapo Electoral College.
Seventy-eight members of Swapo from across the region participated in an elective Swapo regional extraordinary conference held at Oshakati on Thursday afternoon.
The same conference also elected four delegates to the college. Iita and Shimbulu are mandated to contest for National Assembly seats during the college, while the regional governor, Elia Irimari, Ondangwa Swapo district coordinator, Sem Nangolo, regional mobiliser, Magdalena Hango and Selma Iipumbu are delegates from Oshana.
As a male candidate, Iita garnered 53 votes, followed by former director-general of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), Dr Ben Mulongeni with 17 votes.
Shimbulu, as the female candidate, garnered 47 votes and the closest woman candidate was Martha Eelu with 19 votes.
Six conference delegates spoiled their votes in the election for the female candidat, while two spoiled votes were recorded in the election of male candidate.
Irimari dominated the votes in the election of male delegates, receiving 52 votes, while Nangolo had 37 votes. Hango and Iipumbu in the election of the female delegates obtained 44 and 42 votes respectively.
“I am impressed by the manner the election committee handled the process, as well as how the participants cast their votes. It resulted in a free, fair and complaint-free election,” said the party’s coordinator for the region, Samuel Nelongo.
The ruling Swapo Party holds an Electoral College in Windhoek on Saturday and Sunday, where it will elect its candidates for the National Assembly seats.