Government spends N.dollars 5 billion on social welfare services annually: Kameeta

05 Sep 2019 18:20pm
WINDHOEK, 05 SEP (NAMPA) – Government spending on social welfare services currently stands at N.dollars 5 billion annually, Minister of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare, Zephania Kameeta has said.
The services include the provision of old age pensions; disability; veterans and maternity grants and the universal child grant.
Speaking at the consultative review meeting on the draft national Social Protection Policy for 2019 to 2024 here on Thursday, Kameeta said coordinating the policy aims to create a social protection system that is efficient and effective in risk and vulnerabilities across the life cycle of Namibians.
He, however, noted that the challenge the ministry is facing with the new policy is that it is bound to double public spending on social welfare services from the current N.dollars 5 billion to N.dollars 10 billion at a time when Namibia’s economy is under pressure.
“This brings the issue of affordability and sustainability into focus as we debate the policy. In this regard it is anticipated that views of the social protection experts are needed to analyse the draft policy,” Kameeta said.
He added that the reviewed draft policy should enable the ministry to produce a good quality document that will ensure that every Namibian enjoys access to comprehensive social safety nets.
Labour researchers, economic consultants and civil society activists attended the one-day meeting to discuss relevant areas of improvement in drawing up the policy. This was the second-last consultative meeting before the minister tables the new draft policy in Parliament in October.