RTC warns residents against illegal land occupation

05 Sep 2019 12:10pm
REHOBOTH, 05 SEP (NAMPA) – The Rehoboth Town Council’s Chief Executive Officer, Simeon Kanime, has warned residents to refrain from occupying land illegally as this delays the process of servicing land at the town.
Kanime made the remarks during a community meeting held with residents of Duneside Informal Settlement in Block E on Wednesday.
He said his office has taken note of the need of service land, but indicated that people occupying land only prolong the process of service delivery and will cause Rehoboth to become a town of illegal land occupants.
“The illegal exercise of grabbing land will cause the town of Rehoboth to remain behind with areas being un-serviced and full of illegal land grabbers. This exercise is causing delays because people sit on areas earmarked for development and increase illegal occupation of land,” he said.
Kanime urged residents sitting on illegal areas to approach the council offices and register so arrangements can be made and for earmarked areas to be serviced.
Shudi Ihalwa, a resident who attended the meeting, said the RTC should not wait until people grab land and should provide services to the people.
“Do not wait until people grab land and intervene timeously to avoid these types of actions from the community. People will not sit around and wait for a day where RTC will decide to service land. They need a place to stay and will do anything to get land,” he said.
The RTC is conducting community outreach meetings in different areas of the town that started on Tuesday.
They will conduct a community meeting on Thursday in Burgershoek at 17h00, followed by another meeting on 15 September at Hermanus Van Wyk Hall also at 17h00 and the last meeting will take place in Block E’s #Oan ||Ob Community Hall on 22 September.