Local authorities noblest levels of governance - Basson

04 Sep 2019 12:00pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 04 SEP (NAMPA) – Local authorities are the noblest levels of governance as they are the level through which governments directly provide basic services to its people, ||Kharas Governor, Lucia Basson has said.
She was speaking here on Tuesday at the review on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed last year between the Keetmanshoop Municipality and Dawid Kruiper Municipality in South Africa.
Basson said while bilateral relations are established to facilitate corporation at the national level, twinning agreements formalised through MoU at the sub-national level can cascade the objectives of the bilateral agreements down to the level of the electorate.
“I am convinced that the more we as politicians, management and communities engage with one another, [the more] we can collectively take on the challenge of inequality, unemployment and poverty,” said Basson.
She went on to say that the massive economic downturn is recorded in Namibia, South Africa and the world at large, adding that apart from natural factors adversely aggravating this trend, several men-made factors have contributed to the shrinking of economies and employment opportunities.
“The scourge of corruption is the enemy as it gives birth to poverty. I call on you as leaders to declare war and zero tolerance on corruption. Corruption can undo the gains of hard-earned independence and its prospects,” she stressed.
“Continued efforts are therefore of the essential to mitigate common phenomena such as the drought, which invariably leads to unemployment and poverty,” she added.
Also speaking was Councillor, Elliot Lebitsa of the Dawid Kruiper Municipality, who express gratitude over the work that has been done thus far by the two municipalities.
The MoU, which was signed on the 06 September 2018, aims to promote tourism, economic development, environmental management, youth, sports and culture exchange.
The MoU falls under the twinning agreement signed on 14 September 1999, between ||Kharas region and the Northern Cape Provincial Government of the Republic of South Africa to look at economic development opportunities, safety and security as well as improved education and culture tolerance.