Kasete calls on prioritisation of other sports

03 Sep 2019 10:10am
KEETMANSHOOP, 03 SEP (NAMPA) – There is a need for the ||Kharas region to prioritise sports codes other than football, netball and rugby, the ||Kharas Regional Council’s Chief Regional Officer (CRO), Beatus Kasete, said at a sport summit held here on Monday.
The sport summit, which stated on Monday ends Tuesday, is organised by the ||Kharas Region and the Northern Cape Province of South Africa under the twinning agreement of the two counterparts signed on 14 September 1999 to look at economic development opportunities, safety and security and improve education and culture tolerance.
Kasete said it is time that those involved in sports start looking for new sport codes other than football, netball and rugby, which are given much attention.
The CRO added that most of the time people complain about the unavailability of finances but there are corporate organisations that are willing to help where the government cannot.
“We should find a way to fund these sports activities. If we tell these corporates that are willing to help the benefit of sport, they can assist us where we as government cannot,” he said.
Also speaking was James Mapanka, the twinning agreement coordinator from the Northern Cape, who said the summit aims for the two counterparts to come up with a five year strategic plan that will create, harmonise and collaborate in terms of sport.
“We have to come up with a strategy that will work for both regions. The strategies should give an opportunity to all learners, even those in rural areas. We must also come up with strategies that look at out of school youth, the old and even the disabled,” he said.