Lüderitz community voices concern over substance abuse

02 Sep 2019 17:21pm
LÜDERITZ, 02 SEP (NAMPA) - The use of alcohol and drugs among the youth has become a great concern to the community of Lüderitz and more needs to be done to curtail its prevalence, the town’s Mayor, Hilaria Mukapuli has said.
Speaking during the 'The Journey' road show campaign on human rights recently, Mukapuli said drug abuse among school-going children is on the increase at the town and requires all stakeholders to address the issue.
“Everyone has a role to play. We all have a responsibility to build the Namibian nation. Let us get involved and fix our children,” she said.
Mukapuli condemned those who use children to sell drugs and those who sell these dangerous substances to the youth.
Valombola Johannes, who spoke at the same event, said it is no secret that alcohol and drug abuse is destroying the lives of many not only at the southern town, but in the rest of the country as well. He said it is time those who are responsible for selling the drugs, are brought to book and removed from society for good.
“These people should be taken away from society, otherwise these drugs will destroy our children,” he added.
Also speaking was a social worker at the Ministry of Health and Social Service, Louise Mbirimujo, who raised a concern about the unavailability of safe houses for victims of abuse, whether physical or substance abuse, which compounds their work as social workers.
With regard to the safe houses, Mukapuli said the ministry should engage the council to find possible means to establish them at the town.
“We have the Mayor’s Trust and we can help in establishing these safe houses. My call is to all social workers to come together and work on establishing these houses,” said Mukapuli.
‘The Journey’ is a human rights campaign presented in forms of visual, performing arts, exhibition and dialogue.
The main aim of the campaign is to sensitise the youth with real life stories of human trafficking, sexual violence, gender based violence, child abuse and other issues.