Kavango East Swapo REC defies SG's directive on Rundu Urban District

31 Aug 2019 18:10pm
RUNDU, 31 AUG (NAMPA) – The Swapo Party Regional Executive Committee (REC) in the Kavango East Region did not conduct its regional elective conference on Friday and says it will only convene its conference if the Rundu Urban District will not be part of the conference.
The party’s regional mobiliser Bonny Wakudumo told Nampa after the REC meeting on Friday that the Rundu Urban District did not complete its renewal of mandate and for this reason can not be part of the regional elective conference.
Wakudumo made this statement on behalf of the REC following a letter addressed to the Regional Coordinator, Ottilie Shinduvi, from the party’s Secretary-General, Sophia Shaningwa, said that the regional elective conference should be held before or on 30 August with the inclusion of the newly elected leadership of Rundu Urban District.
Shaningwa’s letter, seen by this news agency, states that the Political Bureau had a meeting on 28 August and thus endorsed the report on Rundu Urban District, who conducted their conference on 13 August.
Her office, she explained, therefore, directed that the Kavango East regional conference be held on or before the above-mentioned date to elect candidates and delegates to the Electoral College with the inclusion of the Rundu Urban District leadership.
The REC, however, defied this directive explaining that 18 branches did not comply with the constitutional provision of the Swapo Party in terms of delegates to the branch conference.
“In Rundu Urban, out of the 44 branches, 18 branches did not meet the required provisions. As a result, they cannot attend the district conference that took place on 13 August,” Wakudumo noted.
Based on this reason, Wakudumo said the region cannot continue with the regional conference unless Rundu Urban is not part of it.
The mobiliser also informed this news agency that during the REC meeting held on Friday, they resolved that the chairperson of the national leaders assigned to Kavango East, James Sankwasa, must be removed from that position.
Sankwasa, Wakudumo said, has been ignoring the regional structures that are there and lead in running the district conference, which are not his responsibilities.
Approached for comment on the call for his removal, Sankwasa said he never applied to be a national leader assigned to the region and refuses to be used for fights of tribal and factionalism.
Shaningwa, meanwhile, could not be reached for comment as her phone went unanswered.