Tsumkwe community calls for prioritisation of gravel road upgrade

30 Aug 2019 14:20pm
TSUMKWE, 30 AUG (NAMPA) – The community of Tsumkwe constituency have called on the Government to prioritise the upgrading of the gravel road between Grootfontein and Tsumkwe settlement to bitumen standard in order to boost economic activity.
They made the call on Thursday at two separate public meetings held at Mangetti Dune and Tsumkwe on a feasibility study being conducted on the Grootfontein-Tsumkwe C44 gravel road.
The study on the tarring of the road to Tsumkwe is being carried out by three private companies and the Roads Authority.
RA Chief Executive Officer, Conrad Lutombi, in an interview with Nampa recently said the study alone will cost approximately N.dollars 2 million for a distance of about 300 kilometres from the T-junction of Grootfontein to Tsumkwe, Gam and Dobe border post.
The study started in May this year and is expected to end in March 2020.
Senior Traditional Councillor under the !Kung Traditional Authority, Katuma Ngavetene at the meeting at Mangetti Dune on Thursday cautioned that the RA should see to it that something comes from the meeting and that work on the road should start, even if it is done in phases.
“Please prioritise this road. Our vehicles are broken due to the daily long distances driven on this gravel road. We don’t want to hear a story of no money once you are back at your offices,” he said.
Another !Kung Traditional Authority Councillor, Sarah Zungu, said once the Grootfontein-Tsumkwe road is upgraded, the constituency will see economic growth as companies which have already indicated their desire to invest in Tsumkwe, will be eager to take advantage of the opportunities available to them.
Tsumkwe Constituency Councillor, Francina Hishekwa-Ghauz, said unemployment is very high in the constituency as no development is taking place because investors do not want to make use of the gravel road.