Keetmanshoop Youth Group members to plead next year

28 Aug 2019 16:50pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 28 AUG (NAMPA) – The 14 members of the Keetmanshoop Youth Group arrested in January this year after allegedly invading the Office of the ||Kharas Governor will plead to the charges they face in February 2020.
The accused persons on Wednesday made another appearance before magistrate Melissa Mungunda in the Keetmanshoop Magistrate’s Court, where their case was postponed to 04 and 05 February 2020 for plea an trial.
The accused are Elmarey Kooper, 29; Zerilda Goliath, 30; Elaine Swartbooi, 19; Jessica Jansen, 21; Penina Haack, 29; Romario Kahuika, 29; Innocencia Goliath, 29; Rionetha Goliath, 22; Easter Isaak, 33; Joseph Isaaks, 50; Lesley Boois, 43; Jefrey Goliath, 30; Stiloy Vries, 31, and Eduard Fleermuys, 43.
During their first court appearance on 25 January, all the accused indicated to the court that they would seek the services of private lawyers to represent them but during their second court appearance on 20 March this year, they indicated that they will seek for State-funded defence lawyers.
Legal aid lawyers Stephen Coetzee, Samantha Loubser and Quinton Haoseb are now representing the accused.
The State was represented by Frederick van der Colf.
On 23 January, around 50 members of the group allegedly entered the ||Kharas Governor’s Office with cleaning gear and started cleaning.
According to the group, they were cleaning the building as a way to show their dismay about Prime Minister, Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila’s response about the appointment of Children of the Liberation Struggle in Government jobs at the expense of local youth.
The police were called in to deal with the matter, after which altercations broke out between the officers and the group members, following the latter’s refusal to vacate the area.
They face charges of malicious damage to property, common assault, assault on a member of the police and resisting arrest in addition to contravening Section 18 (2) (b) of the Riotous Assemblies Act.
All accused persons were granted bail of N.dollars 400 during their first court appearance.