Oshilemba community accusing principal of 'demonic attacks'

19 Jan 2014 20:20pm
OSHILEMBA, 17 JAN (NAMPA) – The parents of learners of the Oshilemba Combined School (CS) in the Omusati Region are blaming the school’s principal and a teacher there for what they say are “demonic attacks” at the school since 2011.
The parents made the accusations during a meeting held at the school with acting director of education, Loide Shatiwa on Friday.
Shatiwa had gone to the school to convince the parents to allow their children to go to school, as the children have been boycotting classes since school started on Wednesday on the instruction of their parents.
Shatiwa urged the parents to allow their children, especially those who are not affected by the said phenomenon, to attend school, but the parents remained adamant throughout the meeting that their children will not do so before principal Teeleleni Shaanyenenge and the teacher, Anna Awene are removed from the school.
It is said the phenomenon started with some five children at the school, while so far about 60 children have become victims of the alleged demon attack.
One of the parents, Loide Shilongo told Nampa this week the demonic attack, apparently in the form of a snake, has been plaguing the school since 2011. Children apparently start screaming and fainting when the “demon” attacks them, and this has resulted in chaos at the school for the past three years.
On Friday, the parents went one step further and said the demon allegedly comes in the form of the said two teachers giving the children a snake.
However, Shatiwa dismissed the parents’ claims, saying mass hysteria is to blame and the children just need counselling.
She also told the parents the two teachers will not be removed until the parents can provide valid reasons as to why the duo must be removed.
The parents resolved at the end of Friday’s meeting that they were going to draft a letter stating their reasons for the teachers’ removal.
They also decided that the children will remain home until the problem is properly dealt with.