Half of Etanga Primary School learners turn up for school

19 Jan 2014 19:00pm
ETANGA, 19 JAN (NAMPA) – More than 100 learners of Etanga Primary School, which remained closed for the week while the Kunene Education Directorate monitored the cholera situation in the area, had turned up for school by Sunday.
The school’s principal, Josia Tom said in a telephonic interview on Sunday more of the school’s 250 learners were expected to show up, but they might have been preventing from doing so by the heavy rain experienced in the area on Sunday.
“It rained very heavily here and all the rivers are flowing. It may have contributed to only some of the children turning up for school today,” Tom said.
While other schools in the country officially opened for the new school year on Wednesday,
Etanga Primary School remained closed to allow the Kunene education directorate to monitor the situation in the area which was hardest hit by the cholera outbreak.
“The school is going to formally start on Monday. The teachers have already been at the school since 15 January,” the principal added.
The school is situated at Etanga, some 100 kilometres west of Opuwo in the Kunene Region.
Tom said the cholera outbreak at Etanga has been contained as no new cholera patients were admitted to the Etanga Clinic – situated next to the school - the whole week.
“No new cholera patients visited Etanga Clinic from Monday until Sunday,” he noted.
According to Tom the school has also been equipped with two tanks which are being filled with water at Opuwo.